Capability Meets Function: The 2019 Ram ProMaster

The 2019 Ram ProMaster's name speaks volumes. This popular cargo van has become a fan-favorite among many business owners. The Ram ProMaster has functionality, capability, and ability to get the toughest jobs completed. If you're in need of a good commercial van, then look no further.

Engine strength and raw power are two components that are key for hauling heavy objects. The 2019 ProMaster has both qualities, and each quality serves a purpose. The vehicle's six-speed automatic transmission smoothly switches gears thanks to incremental movements that are within the transmission itself. Of course, this vehicle hosts a 62TE transmission, which is a workhorse. Ram has decided to go with a Pentastar V6 to power this vehicle. This particular engine pumps out at least 280 horsepower while offering an additional 260 pound-feet of torque.

For a first-hand viewing or to test drive the Ram ProMaster, our reps can certainly turn this idea into a reality. Come to Petrus Auto Sales today!



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