Advanced Bed Features in the Ram 1500 Pickup Truck

Power, utility and comfort are some of the strengths of the Ram 1500 pickup truck that's available for sale at Petrus Auto Sales. Truck enthusiasts like you could buy the Big Horn, Laramie and other durable models.

This award-winning pickup truck has the Tailgate Assist technology that significantly reduces the effort that's needed to access the bed. Pressurized by nitrogen gas, robust components control the opening mechanism of the tailgate. An oil-based hydraulic system also provides plenty of leverage for opening the tailgate on a hot or cold day.

Once you get on the bed of the Ram 1500, you'll have plenty of options for arranging cargo and equipment. Power tools and cords could be neatly placed inside the RamBox Cargo Management unit. Powerful LED lights help you see small items that are stored in the box at night. You could remotely open the RamBox by pressing a button on a linked electronic key fob.



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