Using Static Electricity to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Your Vehicle

While driving around town, you may love having your dog riding by your side. However, what you may not love is the amount of dog hair that accumulates on your sets and floors. Before the hair gets out of hand, we at Petrus Auto Sales want to share an easy way to keep it under control using the power of static electricity.

To use this trick, you simply need to blow up a balloon and tie the end to keep it inflated. Then, rub the balloon on a cloth surface to generate static electricity. Once you have rubbed the balloon, roll it over your car seats to pull up the hair, wipe it clean, then repeat until the hair is removed.

If you use this balloon trick several times a week, you will have less dog hair to clean up at one time. It will also keep the hair in check until your next scheduled professional car detailing.



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