Look at the Jeep Cherokee's Safety Features

You may not think about a Jeep Cherokee's steel chassis, but it is there. And the chassis's construction helps direct energy from the cabin during a collision. Consider this and other safety features reasons why the subcompact SUV maintains its popularity. A few features do raise consumer eyebrows.

One way to avoid getting into collisions is making a safe lane change. Blind spots, however, make changing lanes risky at times. The Jeep Cherokee's Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) can't wipe out all risk, but it does lend support a careful driver wants.

The ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System builds on top of the Blind Spot Monitoring feature. Who wants to hit another car when backing into a tight spot? A parking assist system might save you from such a situation.

Find out what all the hype over the Jeep Cherokee is about. Come to our showroom at Petrus Auto Sales to take the SUV out on a test drive.



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