Book Your Next Service Appointment With Petrus Auto Sales

Don't wait until trouble happens with your car! Book a visit to our Stuttgart auto service center online using our service scheduling app today. We’ll provide you with a thorough inspection to make certain everything checks out good.

A seasonal inspection will wind up saving you money in the long run by getting things addressed while on the car lift. Once your car is up on the lift, the dealership mechanics will check for any spots of uneven wear on the tires. The tires will be rotated and if needed, you may need new tires to solve any serious tread issues.

The engine oil from your vehicle will be drained and replaced with a more suitable grade for this season. The oil filter will be removed and replaced with an OEM approved part. Shocks and struts will be tested, parts will be repaired or replaced as needed so the car is able to navigate without issues. The online service scheduling app for Petrus Auto Sales right here in Stuttgart, AR makes booking a visit easy.

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