Tire Pressure and Tread are Both Important

A blown tire isn't something that you want to experience when you're driving down the road in Stuttgart. Keeping the proper air pressure in your tires and monitoring for tread wear will help to prevent tire blowouts. It will also help with fuel efficiency.

If your tires have too much air, they will wear excessively in the middle. If they are underinflated, they will wear excessively on the edges. Maintaining proper air pressure provides for better wear and longer tire life. If you notice that your tires are worn down to the horizontal wear bars, you need to get your tires replaced. If you notice excessive wear on the edges, you should get your tire replaced as well.

If you need to get the air or tread checked on your tires, come to Petrus Auto Sales. The service department can check your tires and install new tires if new tires are needed.

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