Protect Your Budget with GAP Insurance

With traditional car insurance, the fair-market value of your car is protected against a total loss. This is fine if your car is a few years old and you don't owe anything on a car loan. If you owe more money than your car is worth, however, that level of "comprehensive" coverage can come up short.

What do you need? The right kind of insurance coverage.


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For a driver with an outstanding car loan, that's GAP insurance. GAP insurance offers the protection you need when the value of your car is lower than the remaining sum of your car loan. If you wreck your car and can no longer drive it, GAP insurance gives you the money you need to pay off your car loan so that you can start over.

If GAP insurance sounds like the kind of protection you're interested in buying for your vehicle, get in touch with Petrus Auto Sales in Stuttgart, AR. Our team can tell you about the various ways you can get GAP insurance when buying a new car.

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