UConnect Keeps Backseat Drivers at Bay

Anyone who has ever taken a road trip with kids has learned to fear the eternal question: "Are we there yet?" Since the first road trip, this question has been met with parents giving each other a nervous look, and then handing the kids some toys or a coloring book which entertains them for about five minutes.

Enter the UConnect system in the Chrysler Pacifica.

Its available dual 10.1-inch screens are wired to feature everything from apps and games to movies, and even a tool that tracks your progress to your destination so kids know exactly how long until they arrive. Another fascinating use of the system is that your kids can play each other in checkers, with each other's moves showing up on the opposite screen.

As a parent, you can also see what your kids are doing using the main screen located up front. You can even turn the system off if you decide it's time for them to enjoy the view of the great outdoors. Stop by Petrus Auto Sales today to see all the fantastic features of the new Chrysler Pacifica.


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