Winter seasonal vehicle maintenance a good idea

Seasonal vehicle maintenance is especially critical during the cold winter months because most people tend to drive more. Maintaining your vehicle will keep you safe and comfortable, whether you're taking the kids to visit grandma for the holidays, going on a long weekend getaway, or taking a family vacation.

During the winter, change your air filter. It's best to change the air filter twice each year, during the beginning of summer and in winter, unless you suspect it requires it sooner. Having your brakes checked on the same schedule will save you time, money and gain you peace of mind. Don't neglect your brakes. Left unchecked, deteriorating brakes and brake pads can cause further damage to your vehicle and put your safety at risk. Check your tires when the weather heats up and when it cools down. Inflate them to their proper level and make sure they have good tread. Hot weather is tough on your vehicle's battery, but so is extreme cold. Have it checked for strength and cleared of corrosion if you plan to visit any extreme weather areas. To make a service appointment, call Petrus Auto Sales today.

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