Windshield Wiper Fluid Keeps Your Vision Clear

Your windshield wiper fluid is very important. It's the same as your windshield wipers. You can't drive with messy windows. Dirt, grime and muck can cloud up a window quickly. You need to always have windshield wiper fluid.

Levels need to be checked by an expert. Our service team always takes a close look at your windshield wiper fluid. The fluid does a couple of jobs. It helps keep your windshield clean and also helps lubricate the components within the windshield wipers.

We are aware of what can happen when your windshield wipers malfunction. A bad wiper can make it very difficult to drive. Lack of fluid can also lead to the same issues. Our service team is very thorough when looking at every vehicle fluid. We don't just glaze over any aspect of your vehicle. We want your vehicle to perform at an optimal level.

You can schedule an appointment with us today, here at Petrus Auto Sales in Stuttgart, AR. We will make sure your windshield wiper fluid levels are correct. We'll also help you with any current or potential issues.

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